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India " may also play its part in distorting the
Asiatic situation for many people. Yet a hundred
years of mingled neglect, exploitation and occa-
sional outbreaks of genuine helpfulness should
have taught the British that the ultimate fate of
India's hundreds of millions rests now upon no
conquering ruler but wholly and solely upon
the ability of the Indian peoples to cooperate
in world collectivisation. They may learn much
by way of precept and example from Russia
and from the English-speaking world, but the
days for mere revolt or for relief by a change of
masters have passed. India has to work out for
itself, with its own abundant brains, its escape
from chaos and its own manner of participation
in the struggle for a world order, starting from
the British raj as a datum line. No outside power
can work that out for the Indian peoples, nor
force them to do it if they have no will for it.
But I will not wander further among these ever-
changing problems and possibilities. They are,
so to speat, wayside eventualities and opportuni-
ties. Immense though some of them are they
remain secondary. Every year or so now the
shifting channels of politics need to be recharted,
The activities and responses of the sane man
in any particular country and at any particular
time will be determined always by the overruling